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1. Disclaimer

TLC Adventure Tours is a non-conventional travel agency specializing in experiential adventure tours. Our founder, David Lim, has been organizing and leading such unique and exotic trips for more than 40 years. As our aim is to keep our trips affordable for all, we will not want our members to splurge unnecessarily on expensive hotels and restaurants or go for compulsory shopping trips. Instead, we'll rather focus on quality adventures and memorable experiences for members to remember and enjoy. By joining us, you'll be travelling with a group of like-minded, fun-loving friends and we hope that you can also maintain an open mind and socialize/befriend your fellow travellers with appropriate decorum who are going on the same trip as you. This will ensure that every member who travels with us will get to enjoy and participate actively to keep this lively and fun spirit going!

All participants joining TLC Adventure Tours shall henceforth be referred to as “Adventurers” and TLC Adventure Tours shall be referred to as the “Organizer”. “Trips” and “Adventures” shall be used interchangeably and taken to represent tours.

2. Indemnity

TLC Adventure Tours may license qualified professional tour operators to organize and administer the tours. Any such designated tour operator acts only as an agent for any transportation carrier, hotel, ground operator or other supplies of services connected with the tour are solely responsible and liable for providing their respective services. The passenger tickets in use by the transportation carriers will constitute as a sole contract between the carrier and the passenger; the carrier is not responsible for any act, omission or event during the time the participants are not aboard their conveyances.

The Organizer (all members, all directors, all event hosts and all employees thereof) shall not be responsible or liable for: any accident any losses or damage suffered by the Adventurer, including any financial loss and/or destruction and/or loss of property, illness injury, harm, trauma or death, pain and suffering as a result of injuries (including any medical assistance or treatment), arising from the Adventurer’s decision to take part in any Adventure or failure by the Adventurer to comply with any of his/her obligations e.g. following reasonable instructions such as complying with meeting places and times. In such instances, the tour leader reserves the right to decide the best course of action for the general interest of the group. The parties stated above shall be indemnified and furthermore not be liable for any consequential or indirect loss or damages whatsoever.

The Organizer reserves the right to withdraw any Adventurer from the tour if his/her act of conduct is deemed detrimental to or incompatible with the interest, harmony, welfare of other passengers and the adventure as a whole. For trips that require more physical activities, should the Organizer decide that the participant or their guest/s is unsuitable to join, or their participation may affect the general interests of the group, the Organizer reserves the right to refund the deposit and remove or replace their slot with another member.

The Organizer shall be under no further liability thereafter to any such person. No tour leaders/guides or other employees or agents of the Organizer are authorized to commit the Organizer to any liability whatsoever. The Organizer will not be bound by any statement or representation unless in writing and signed by a management executive of the Organizer.

The Adventurer agrees to indemnify TLC Adventure Tours and employees, against any false statements, changes and amendments to the tour as a result of the Adventurer failing to comply with our Terms and Conditions.

3. Terms of Participation and Participant's Responsibility 

Being participants of any adventure travel, including but not to limited activities like mountain climbing, scuba diving, paragliding etc exposes you to risks, which, may cause or result in serious injury or death. You must participate voluntarily and accept the risks in exchange for the enjoyment the activity offers. The risks involved will be discussed with and explained to you before your tours and you are welcome to ask any questions.

Existing medical conditions, disabilities, injuries or medication (prescribed or non-prescribed) which could affect your safety and those of others should be discussed in advance with your doctor and made known to us before signing up. The outcome of that discussion is for your own interpretation – we accept that you are medically fit when you sign-up for our trips and non-disclosure of any material existing medical conditions, disabilities, injuries or medication (prescribed or non-prescribed) will be deemed to be a gross misrepresentation and breach of our terms. We reserve the right to claim for damages and expenses made as a result of the inconvenience caused to the event hosts and other participants.

The Adventurer acknowledges that he/she does not have any health condition or disability that may create a potential issue for himself or herself or other Adventurers. We reserve the right in our sole discretion to decline or remove any Adventurers on the tour if it appears that such individual may affect the interests and enjoyment of the group.

If the Adventurer does not show up at the meeting point specified on the agreed date and time, the Organizers (hereafter taken to include assistants and hosts) will not wait for the participant.  All monies paid previously shall be non-refundable.


4. Tour Packages

All prices are quoted in Singapore Dollars, per person based on 2 persons sharing a room, unless otherwise noted, and are subject to change prior to booking. 

Items that are typically included in the tour package: Accommodations and meals as indicated in the itinerary (Breakfast = B, Lunch = L, Dinner = D), pre-departure information, group transfers and transport, entrance fees and local guides. 

Items that are typically not included in the tour package: air transportation and related fees, activities noted as optional in the itinerary, gratuities for guides, drivers, etc, passport, visa and permit expenses, medical expenses and immunizations, baggage/ accident/cancellation insurance, personal expenses and any other items not specifically noted as included.

5. Payment Methods 

Payment can be made via PayNow, PayLah, ATM or online bank transfer to the accounts stated in each respective Adventure Page. Please read the instructions carefully.

6. Arrangement of Accommodations 

The Organizer will arrange the accommodation with another Adventurer of the same gender. In the event that any accommodation requested or booked is not available, every effort will be made to scout for an alternative accommodation of similar standard. In the event that the value, perceived or otherwise, of the proposed alternative is not of similar standard as the original, Adventurers will not be able to claim a compensation of value from the Organizer. Any other costs incurred during the arrangements of any special requests shall be borne by the Adventurer. Single supplement charges apply for Adventurers seeking a room for him/herself and are subject to availability and on a first-come, first served basis.

7. Reservation, Deposit and Full Payment

Slots are allocated based on a "First to Pay, First to Confirm" basis and not upon your RSVP or registration. Your registration will only be confirmed after you received an acknowledgement from us that your payment is successful. Slots are non-transferable unless approved by the Organizer. Should transfers be necessary, it shall be made known in writing to the Organizer. It is the Adventurers’ responsibility to source for their own replacement before the cut-off date as specified, otherwise, payments made previously shall be forfeited by the Organizer. Any minor below 21 years old travelling without an accompanying adult must inform the Organizer upon registration, in which an adult undertaking may be required.


Payment of the deposit and confirmation of payment does not constitute confirmation of the adventure. All adventures are subjected to a minimum group size (to be determined by us, in our absolute discretion) before the adventure is confirmed. If the minimum group size is not achieved before the scheduled departure date, we shall be entitled to cancel all reservations for the adventure and no further claims shall be entertained. Deposits are fully refundable for trips cancelled on the part of the Organizer.


8. Cancellation by Adventurer

Unless otherwise stated, all deposits are non-refundable. Full payment is required before the due date indicated on the respective adventure/trip. Failure to comply may result in cancellation of your reservation and all monies paid shall be forfeited.

*Refund policies may not apply to certain group promotion. Under such circumstances, a separate set of terms and conditions will be made known to the customer at the point of registration confirmation.

Cancellation fees mentioned above only apply to trips operated by TLC. For tours or components supplied by third-party/parties, e.g. airlines, hotels, overseas land operators, cruises, trains, car rental companies, etc, booked by us on behalf of the Adventurer, the terms and conditions on cancellation of the third party/parties shall apply and a minimum administrative/handling charge of $50 shall be imposed by The Organizer. 


In that regard, we will only disclose information which is under reasonable requirements to these third parties for work purposes. You can state your consent whether express or implied.

9. Amendments by Adventurer

Any change(s) to the identity of the adventurer shall be deemed a cancellation of the reservation. For any other amendments to the details of a confirmed booking such as rectification of typographical errors in a traveller’s name or changes to the itinerary, you may submit a written request within 7 days after the booking with us. We will endeavour to accommodate or facilitate your request but cannot assure that it can be effected. There will be a minimum fee of S$50 per person per amendment, in addition to whatever charges (if any) imposed by the suppliers/third parties.


10. Cancellation / Amendments by Organizer

Please note that the Organizer is merely acting as an intermediary to engage the services of third-party service providers. The Organizer (all members, all directors, all event hosts and all employees thereof) will not accept any responsibility for injuries, illness, damages, accidents, losses, delays, theft, quarantine, customs regulations, strikes, weather hazards, political unrest, changes in itineraries, deportation or refusal of entry by the Immigration Authorities resulting from improper travel documents, damage in relation to trip cancellation and changes, possession of unlawful items or irregularities that may be caused to person or property. As such, all participants are strongly encouraged to purchase their own travel insurance upon signing up or once their participation is confirmed. All proper travel documentation is the sole responsibility of the passenger. Adventurers must safeguard their own belongings at all times and not leave any valuables on tour coaches, hotels, etc. In the event of such happenings, the Organizer shall try our best to recover any lost belongings but does not guarantee the return of said belongings. The Organizer will not compensate for any lost belongings lost due to negligence on part of Adventurers.


The Organizer reserves the right to alter tour itineraries, travel arrangements, transport, and/or make necessary changes to the hotel reservations due to unforeseen changes in transportation, members’ requests, conditions in the countries of travel or transit according to the tour itinerary or upon the occurrence of a force majeure event. Such alterations may be made as deemed appropriate by The Organizer with or without prior notice to the Adventurers. Any perceived difference in value of the alternate arrangements shall not be made claimable towards the Organizer. The Organizer reserves the right to merge groups on different flight schedules, groups from other travel groups/agencies may also be merged without prior notice.


For adventures subjected to a minimum group size of 24 persons, the Organizer will appoint a TLC tour leader. Otherwise, the Organizer will appoint and authorize the use of a local guide provided by our trusted overseas operator (partner). The Organizer reserves the right to appoint/change event hosts/travel leaders at our own discretion as well as to specify the language(s) in which the tour guide will use to conduct the commentary during the tour, including but not limited to the above conditions.

If necessary, the Organizer reserves the right to cancel any trips prior to the date of departure for any reasons, including the insufficient number of participants. The Organizer will recommend alternative trips, preferably to similar countries. Should the participant decide not to accept the alternatives, the participant shall write to us within 3 days after hearing our alternative proposal and the Organizer shall refund all previous payments without any further obligations.


11. Extension of Stay / Deviation from the Itinerary

Any request for an extension of stay or deviation from the adventure itinerary must be made known to the Organizer upon booking and subjected to the Organizer’s approval. Any extension or deviation will be at the Adventurer’s own expense and separate airport transfers or any other costs incurred will not be arranged nor paid for by the Organizer. All extra costs (including a reasonable administrative fee to be determined in our discretion) incurred to process the request for an extension or deviation will also be borne by the Adventurer.

We strive to stick to the original itinerary conveyed in the pre-trip briefing. However, after the commencement of the adventure, any deviation/changes to the itinerary which is necessitated for any reason(s) beyond our control, especially during peak seasons or upon the occurrence of a force majeure event (such as an act of God, earthquake, fire, tsunami or other natural disasters, weather conditions, war, civil unrest or terrorist attacks, government or legislative actions, strikes and labour unrest, diseases or pandemics, compulsory quarantines, or other similar events, we reserve the right to make reasonable changes to the itinerary with another comparable alternative service. Should you reject our offer of an alternative service, we shall not be obliged to refund any fees paid by you in respect of the unfulfilled service(s), but may do so, on a case-by-case basis.

12. Travel Insurance and Travel Documents

Before registering for any tours, the Adventurer is encouraged to purchase travel insurance for themselves and insolvency of the Travel Agency. The Adventurer is advised to have comprehensive travel insurance against medical emergencies, personal accidents, natural calamities, etc. with the appropriate coverage of activities and geographical area. Please provide the agency, policy number and 24 hours contact number of your travel insurance or indicate that you do not wish to purchase any travel insurance through our online form here.

Each adventurer is fully responsible to find out and fulfil, in a timely manner, the immigration requirements of the trip destination with regards to his / her own nationality - i.e. visas, permits etc. Please ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the last date of departure in the selected itinerary. Each Adventurer is responsible to ensure that their personal particulars given to the Company tallies with their travel documentation(s). In the absence of essential documentation, the organizers shall not be liable for the consequences of incomplete trip formalities including the event that the reservation has to be cancelled.

13. Special Request

It should be the Adventurer’s own responsibility to inform the Organizer upon registration should there be a personal preference in terms of special meals, dietary requirements, single supplement, types of rooms and so on. Such requests are subjected to availability and confirmation. Additional fees may apply and will be borne by the Adventurer.


14. Pre-trip Briefing and Training Sessions 

We strongly encourage you to attend our pre-event briefing as it constitutes important information about the trip including the preparation before the trip, detailed itinerary, risk exposure etc. It also provides a chance to meet fellow travellers so that you can get a sense of group dynamics. The Organizer reserves the right to withdraw and even ban Adventurers should they be found to be unsuitable or a disturbance to the group dynamics and members.

For trips that require a certain level of physical fitness, we strongly encourage Adventurers to attend our weekly training sessions. However, should Adventurers decide to forego training, it is their sole responsibility to maintain the level of fitness required for the trip. The Organizer reserves the right to withdraw Adventurers if they fail to meet the minimum fitness level required for their respective trips for their own safety and well-being.

15. Photography

The Organizer also reserves the right to take photographs or videos during the tour and use any form of media that is shared by the Adventurer to our Website or social networking sites.

16. Complaints / Claims 

Any complaint/claim must be made in writing through email within 7 days after the trip. No responsibility is accepted in respect of any complaint/claim, which is not made so. We will investigate the complaint/claim thoroughly and the Adventurer undertakes to provide us with supporting evidence to access and investigate the nature of the complaint/claim.

17. Amendments to Terms and Conditions 

We reserve the right to amend the Terms and Conditions at any time. All amendments to these Terms and Conditions will be posted online on our website. Before any bookings are made from other sites such as Meetup, Adventurers will be provided with a link that redirects them to our Terms and Conditions and it is their sole responsibility to go through them. Continued use of our services will be deemed to constitute acceptance of the new Terms and Conditions.

When you register for a tour from TLC Adventure Tours, you acknowledge that you have read and are agreeable to these Terms and Conditions.