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Taman Negara 8 - The Lost World!

Yes, our yearly TLC Taman Negara weekend getaway event is back! As promised since our last Taman Negara event, we will be bringing you back to this 130 million-year-old rainforest - otherwise known as THE LOST WORLD!

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(Fri - Sun)



Meeting at Bishan MRT Exit A

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The Beauty of Taman Negara. Yes.. get out of the stressful city-life and get LOST in this serene, tranquil world surrounded by nature.

Join us as TLC brings you on an adventure to explore Malaysia's 130 million-year-old rainforest gazetted as a National Park and a heaven for the nation’s proud flora and fauna. Sprawled across 4,343 square kilometers of verdant tropical splendor, Taman Negara (formerly known as King George V National Park) beckons you to a mysterious world older than the Congo or the Amazon.

Located at the very heart of Pahang’s tropical forest, Taman Negara has been undisturbed for millions of years. It maintains a natural habitat for a variety of flora and fauna, some of which are exclusive to this part of the world. Trees that are a hundred years old form a giant canopy above you as you enter into Taman Negara, which is accessible through Jerantut, the main entry point.

A visit to Taman Negara is a journey at one with nature. The sight of wild animals roaming, crystal clear streams flowing through the jungle, spectacular rock formations, lush vegetation and a variety of wildflowers will take your breath away. Jungle tracks, campsites and resorts have been constructed to blend in with the natural surroundings. Many structures have been built strictly for the observation and appreciation of the towering forest and its inhabitants. Experience this 130 million-year-old adventure and you will come away with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world.

You will catch a glimpse of some of the 250 species of fauna and life that exists within the park boundaries. The most easily seen and heard are the hornbills. Fire back pheasants are often flushed out when you are walking the jungle trails. Fish, eagles and kingfishers are commonly seen close to the river areas and Sungai Tahan is a favorite haunt of the Masked Fin foot. From the interior of Taman Negara, some of the larger animals which may be seen include seladang (wild ox), sambar, barking deer, wild boar and tapir.

Other animals which inhabit the Park are elephants, tigers, leopards, sunbeams and the extremely rare Sumatran rhinoceros. Long-tailed Macaques are often visible on the jungle trails by the river. Leaf Monkeys are often heard screening, while the White-handed Gibbons and the siamang, which usually roam in family groups, make exciting, if noisy morning chorus from high in the forest canopy.

About 200 species of other wildlife such as the sun bear, tapirs and various types of reptiles which also exist here are all now in the safe hands and protection of the forest rangers and aborigines whom some called as the Orang Asli.

This will be a fun weekend adventure to get back to nature. No leave required.

Sounds fun? Well, there are more surprises coming up! And we promise you it will be different from what you have experienced~! Shhhh, it is a surprise~!


  • Jungle Trekking. Jungle treks of various duration, from one to nine days to see the beauty of the forest are possible. However, for this weekend adventure, we'll be doing some nature trekking instead, accompanied by a knowledgeable local guide who will be explaining to you the flora, fauna and some of the medicinal plants that may prove useful to you in future.

  • Climb Bukit Teresek (Teresek Hill). The trail is relatively easy until the foot of the hill. Then it turns to a moderate climb among ropes and tree roots. Get lucky and spot various wildlife including wild hog, rare birds, scorpions and others. Smell and drink the native Seranti tree, which is similar to a cola. When you finally reach the view point, you see the near entirety of the national park.

  • Canopy Suspension Bridge Walk, (On Bukit Teresek). Walk on the longest Malaysian suspension bridge in the world, at 530 m. The walk takes you across the canopy 25 m-40 m high to view the rich and diverse flora and fauna at the summit of the forest.

  • Rapid Shooting "Wet & Wild" fast boat ride! This is gonna be an adventure that you'll be screaming and laughing as you get yourself drenched while enjoying the thrilling boat ride.

  • Visit the Orang Asli Settlements. "Orang Asli" means "original people" in the Malay. The Orang Asli live a nomadic lifestyle in Taman Negara. Their settlements are found along the trails. Some settlements are accessible by boat. Let them teach you how to use and shoot a blow pipe and drink the juices of the local fruits.

  • Night Walking Safaris. View nocturnal plants and animals in an easy hour guided trek from the Ranger's headquarters. See flowers that only bloom at night, water dragons, snakes, glow in the dark fungis, stick insects other weird and wonderful creatures.

  • Chill Out @ Kuala Lumpur! Shop, Eat and relax or go for a well-deserved massage at this vibrant City!



Day One
09:30pm : Attendance marking & Briefing
09.45 pm : Set off to JB (Coach leaves @ 9:45pm SHARP!) We're unable to wait for late-comers as the coach is not allowed to park there. Expect the usual jam at the Causeway.
12.30 pm : Supper at Yong Peng
1.00 am : Zzzzzzz

Day Two
07.30am : Arrive at Kuala Tahan
08.00 am : Breakfast at Floating Restaurant
09.00 am : Jungle trekking, nature exploration, flora & fauna hike to Bukit Teresek & Walk the Longest Suspension Canopy Walkway Bridge (All included).
01.00 pm : Lunch at Floating Restaurant.
02.30 pm : Boat ride to Orang Asli Village and Rapid Shooting (Bring towel)
04.30pm : Check-in to local resort (Double/Twin/ Quad sharing)
05.00pm : Fun and swimming @ the river or explore the local village
7.00 pm : BBQ Dinner (Included) at Resort or Floating Restaurant
8:15pm : Night Walk Safari (Torch or head-lamps required)

Day Three
08.00 am : Breakfast (Local halal breakfast)
10:00am : Check-out & chill-out at KL if time permits
12.30 pm : Arrive at KL Berjaya Times Square (Shop, Eat, Massage - Free & Easy)
3.30pm : Leave KL for Yong Peng
6.30pm : Group Dinner (8 Course Chinese delicacies) Included
9.30pm : Arrive at Malaysian Customs if no jam
11.00pm : Arrive in SIN

*Above itinerary subject to change depending on weather conditions

Few slots left, Hurry Up!! Please transfer S$195 to:
ATM/Online to: TLC ADVENTURE TOURS PTE LTD - DBS Current Acct: 070-90238-1-9
PayNow/PayLah to: TLC - DBS Current Acct: 070-001597-8 (HP: 9745 1777)


Once you have transferred, pls WHATSAPP a screenshot of the transfer receipt to Hp: 9745 1777 (David - TLC Organizer).


* Coach Pick up/ Drop off in Singapore
* Camera License and Park Entrance Permit Fees
* 1 night stay at Taman Negara (Local Air-con Chalet w/attached toilet) 2 to 6 pax rooms)
* 2 local breakfast/1 Lunch & 1 BBQ Dinner
* Trekking Guides & activities
* Boat crossing
* One Night Hike to see the norturnal night creatures
* Canopy Suspension Bridge ticket and donation to Orang Asli
* Boat to Orang Asli Village
* Activity Site of Recreational Area
* One Sumptuous Group Dinner (Chinese food)
* Drivers Tips
* Fun, Laughter & our very own TLC (Tender, Loving Care)

* All other activities not mentioned above.
Essential Packing List:
1. Valid passport and visa (if you require it)
2. Malaysian and Singapore currency for personal use
3. Mobile phone in zipped lock
4. Comfortable clothes for change (Towel & Dry clothes)
5. Rain-gear
6. Trekking shoes / Trail running shoes/ Kampong Adidas
7. Headlamp / Torchlight (fully charged and spare batteries) - Night trekking
8. Whistle
9. First aid kit
10. Backpack (Waterproof) for Rapid shooting
11. Not less than 1.5 litre of water / Isotonic drinks
12. Waterproofed all your Electronic items
13. Personal Toiletries

Optional Packing List:
1. Energy bars / Energy gel / Light snacks
2. Trekking pole
3. Insect repellent
4. Muscle rub
5. Hat / Cap
6. Leech socks
7. Sun block lotion
8. Sunglasses
9. Camera (preferably waterproof)
10. Jacket (for wearing during journey)
11. Change of clothes and bathing gear (at end of event)
**By my participation on this trip, I have agreed to & accepted TLC’s terms and conditions.**